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    Champions' League of the U13
    International Youth Football Tournament
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    Next Generations' Top Players
    The Messi's and Ronaldo's of the future
    showing their skills today!
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    More than 10.000 visitors!
    Thousands of football lovers
    enjoying more than 30 games in 3 days!
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    More than 150 sponsors!
    Providing the necessary fonds
    to organize this mega-event!
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    More than 300 volunteers!
    Preparing meals, providing drinks,
    ensuring all players a bed and a home!
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    Don't miss it!
    May, 25th - 26th - 27th 2018
    Bassevelde, Belgium
  • 30-03-2015 | Herman De Groote
  • Bassevelde, Belgium


The event takes place at the infrastructure of KVVK Bassevelde. There are parking facilities in Beekstraat and Kraaigemstraat. Entrance is 7 euro a day or 12 euro for the weekend. Kids age under 14 are allowed free entrance!
All relevant information concerning whereabouts, contact, route, Google Maps, downloads, etc. is to be found at the infopages.

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  • 31-03-2015 | Herman De Groote
  • Bassevelde, Belgium

U13 CUP Bassevelde

The U13 CUP Bassevelde is without a doubt one of the most prestigious tournaments in Belgium. Because of the high quality organisation in the past 15 years, we were able to build up a solid reputation towards all the Belgian top teams. Also foreign teams, which often have a rich tradition in tournament participations, have all praised the impeccable organisation and have named our tournament as one of the best in Europe. Our tournament is rightfully called the "Champions League" of the U13!



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U13 CUP 2019

With the participation of Atletico de Madrid< we will recieve one of the stars from the Spanish league. The Iranian KIA Football Academy will be present as first Asian team ever! Further, European topteams like FC Nantes, Lille, Celtic, Bayer Leverkusen, PSV and AZ and all Belgian top teams complete the list. Read more on the page teams 2019.


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